About Eva Aldea

I am an academic, writer and canine behaviour adviser.

I research critical theory, philosophy and literature, and write on animal theory and practice.

As a canine behaviour adviser, I specialize in retired racing greyhounds, but I am happy and able to work with any breed.

I have a PhD in English literature and philosophy from Royal Holloway, University of London, and my book Magical Realism and Deleuze: The Indiscernibility of Difference in Postcolonial Literature is published by Continuum. I have also recently been studying animal behaviour and animal science at Hadlow College.

I am the resident behaviour adviser at Croftview Rehoming Kennels in Kent, where I regularly volunteer as a kennel hand, getting to know lots of greyhounds. As you can see, I also own greyhounds myself. I am an approved member of Pets As Therapy and regularly take my dogs to see elderly people with dementia at my local nursing home.

In this blog you can read about my own experiences of taking care of and training greyhounds, about the methods and solutions that I have found to work. I also post about my philosophy regarding what animals means to us human, and how we can live a fulfilling life in the company of dogs.

It has been said so many times, but no other animal has such a close bond with us humans as dogs, and yet they are a such a different species to us. I want to know how best to live with these creatures without forgetting, as we so often and easily do, what they are.

Behavioural advice: whatdogsdoblog@gmail.com
Academic: e.v.aldea@gmail.com

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