Behavioural Advice

I offer advice on the behaviour and care of retired greyhounds and other rescue sighthounds, but I am able and happy to work with all breeds. 

I am the resident behaviour adviser at Croftview Rehoming Kennels in Kent, where I regularly volunteer as a kennel hand, getting to know lots of greyhounds. I also own two greyhounds myself.

I have studied animal behaviour and animal science at Hadlow College, and I am also a writer and academic working on animal theory.

In this blog you can read about my own experiences of taking care of and training greyhounds, and about the methods and solutions that I have found to work.

While I can teach elements of obedience, my main focus is on making the individual dog a happy and harmonious member of its family by fostering good behaviour, whether by command training or behavioural modification. Inevitably, I often find that the owner's behaviour needs to be modified as much as the dog's.

I can help with settling in, training, problem behaviours, diet, care and minor health issues. If you have any questions regarding or problems with your hounds, I am available for one-to-one sessions in your home if you live in London or the South East, within a reasonable distance of my home in South East London. If you live further afield I am also happy to offer advice on-line.

My current rates are £30 for an initial assessment session (usually 1.5-2hours) and £30 per hour thereafter. Owners of dogs adopted from Croftview Kennels receive the initial session free, and are charged £20 per hour thereafter. Please note that due to the high fuel prices a small surcharge applies to all customers further than 25 miles from SE8.

Please contact Eva Aldea
Teleohone: 07590 916 958