Our very first testimonial from our very first client! I saw Bibi and Bertie over a year ago, and when I now occasionally bump into them, I am glad to see that Bertie is a happy, settled member of the family.
"As the first-time owners of a retired racing greyhound, it's been so good to have Eva at the end of the phone, not just dispensing excellent advice but also reassuring us about Bertie's behaviour. Eva knows what makes an ex-racer tick. She has a strong understanding of their needs and their motivations. But best of all she is a calm and thoughtful presence, who has instilled in us the necessity of patience. She clearly loves greyhounds and it's that enthusiasm, coupled with experience, that makes her such an authority on this wonderful of dog. I'm so grateful she was there." 
Bibi & Bertie 
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Camilla Otaki said...

Eva gave us valuable insight into the mind of our institutionalised greyhound and sound practical advice about how to help her to adjust to living with us.

Kate Hyde said...

Eva has been a fantastic help helping us settle 7-year-old Annie into our family home. I'm very grateful for all the invaluable countless conversations over emails, phone and in person (at kennels and home). I am sure Annie's happy arrival owes a lot to Eva's sound advice. Eva clearly has a great connection and understanding with our canine friends, and manages to impart this with a lot of fun as well as calm.

Chris Reynolds said...

Eva helped us with our first greyhound Gabby.
Recalls have been much better since she worked with us.
Gabby has even got to the point where she is nearing her
Kennel Club Gold test!
With the confidence Eva gave us to train Gabby we decided
a year later to take on another grey - Loughbeag Mower
aka Patrick.
Thanks, Chris, Lucy & Gabby.